Upcoming speaking engagements

Currently, there are no planned speaking engagements.

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Past speaking engagements:

iOS Conf SG

Talk title: SwiftUI performance tips

Link to presentation



iOS Conf SG

Talk title: Building and launching a modern SwiftUI SDK

Link to presentation

21.01.2022, Singapore



Talk title: Training dynamic ML models on iOS 15

25.11.2021, Moscow, Russia



Talk title: Developing your own Google in Swift

10.06.2020, Prague, Czech Republic (Online)


Devoxx Morroco

Talk title: Conversational Interfaces for mobile apps


28.11.2018, Marrakech, Morroco


SwiftFest Conference

Talk title: Developing Conversational Interfaces for iOS


18.06.2018, Boston, USA


Mobius Conference

Talk title: Building voice responsive apps on iOS

20.04.2018, St.Petersburg, Russia


iOSCon 2018

Talk title: Understanding Language on iOS

23.03.2018, London, UK


Link to recorded presentation:

Mobilization Conference

Talk title: Speech Analysis Techniques

21.10.2017, Łódź, Poland


Slides from the presentation can be found here.

ICT Innovations

Talk title: Conversational interfaces and machine learning @ Netcetera

The talk covers innovative use-cases that integrate Conversational Interfaces in Netcetera’s mobile apps. What challenges are we facing when developing such applications? Also, it explores ways how to use machine learning technologies in real-world projects.

23.09.2017, Skopje, Macedonia



Slides from the presentation can be found here.

iOS Meetup

Talk title: Thinking in Swift

The talk is about Functional Reactive Programming in Swift, using protocols and structs in favour of classes, as well as an approach for designing a networking API.

16.09.2016, Skopje, Macedonia

Slides from the presentation can be found here.

CIIT Conference

Talk title: Open university data

Presentation for my co-authored paper “Open University Data” on the CIIT conference in 2012. It describes the process and benefits of opening parts of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering data in a structured format.

02.04.2012, Krushevo, Macedonia


More details about the paper can be found here.

Slides from the presentation can be found here.

Other conferences and workshops

Here are some conferences and workshops I’ve participated in, as an attendee.

SwiftUI and Combine masterclass – Daniel Steinberg, November 2019

Software Architecture for developers workshop – Simon Brown, November 2017

Code Mobile – April, 2017

try! Swift – March, 2016

AppDevCon – March, 2015