Personal apps

Here’s a list of my personal apps, that I do in my spare time. I like to explore new ideas and bring them to life, while also experimenting with modern technologies and approaches.


Drawland helps you learn how to draw and write step by step, in a fun and easy way. It instantly checks your drawings and gives continuous feedback about your progress. The app is being developed using Swift, UIKit, PencilKit and Vision. More details about its development can be found in my blog posts.

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Dimi is an app for creating digital art. It enables you to apply many beautiful image filters, stickers and drawings on your photos. You can also create your own filters, just by uploading a photo. The app is being developed with SwiftUI, CoreML and the new Swift concurrency.

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Montessori toddler game

Montessori toddler game is an app for kids from 2-5 years old. It’s like a digital photo book, whose goal is to help kids learn animals, fruits, vegetables, the space and much more. The app is being developed with SwiftUI.

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Soccer Puzzles

Soccer Puzzles is an interactive quiz that contains many different football challenges. For example, you need to guess the football team based on the player numbers and country flags. Or vice versa, guess the nation, based on the player clubs. There are many other challenges, such as guessing positions of players, finding missing player and other trivia questions. The app is being developed using SwiftUI (my first one in production).

The app has Android version as well, developed by myself, in Kotlin and Android Views. It doesn’t have all the features as its iOS counterpart.

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Basketball Puzzles

Basketball Puzzles is the basketball version of Soccer Puzzles. They both share the same codebase. Basketball Puzzles contains many basketball challenges and trivia questions. Also developed in SwiftUI, and Android version is available as well.

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Apps / SDKs developed for my employers

iOS Team Lead @ Stream

Currently, I’m leading the iOS team at Stream. I’ve architected and I’m working on a new SwiftUI SDK from scratch, which is open sourced and available here. Also, I’m partially working on the low-level client and the UIKit SDK, which can be found here.

iOS tech lead @ Netcetera

Here are the most notable apps I’ve worked on as an iOS tech lead at Netcetera, during my 9 years there.

Inspect AR

Inspect AR is a product by Netcetera that digitises inspections, checklists, step-by-step instructions and SOP. It supports AR mode recording and task inspection, offline mode, task management and much more. It’s being developed with the latest technologies, such as SwiftUI, Combine and ARKit. The offline mode is implemented with the popular mobile database GRDB, while the visualisations are done with SceneKit.

Download it on the App Store.

ToPay Mobile Wallet SDK

ToPay Mobile Wallet is a digital payments SDK, product by Netcetera. The payment SDK comes with card digitisation, security, cryptography, card management ready to be embedded into an app. The SDK powers many banking apps in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The SDK is developed using Swift and UIKit, among other technologies.

Learn more about the product here.


WeNeed is a collaborative shopping list app with modern design, which makes grocery shopping a lot easier. The app was developed for the big supermarket chain Coop in Switzerland. The iOS app is built in SwiftUI, while the backend is done in Firebase with cloud functions.

Download it on the App Store.

Mobile ticketing

The mobile ticketing product is an SDK and white labeled app, that is used by several transport companies in Switzerland. It supports purchasing many types of tickets, both short trips and multi-ride cards. “Tickets” from Baselland Transport (BLT) is the most popular app that uses the SDK. It’s an award winning app on “Best of Swiss apps”, in the travel category. The app was started in 2014, and it uses Objective-C and UIKit.

Learn more about the product here.

Download TNW Tickets on the App Store.

Mein Blut

This app was developed for the Austrian Red Cross. It digitises all the processes around blood donation, such as filling questionnaires, information about next events, blood results, etc. It has a lot of security around it, since sensitive data needs to be stored for a certain amount of time. It also has complex authentication flow, developed in Combine. Apart from Combine, we have used SwiftUI and CryptoKit.

Learn more about the app here.

Download it on the App Store.


MiSANTO is a Swiss healthcare and telemedicine startup. The iOS app has several cool features, such as going through a questionnaire and receiving potential diagnosis. It also has chat to talk to doctors, as well as importing documents, extracting health insurance data and several other features. We have used Swift, UIKit and CoreML in this project.

Download it on the App Store.


Wemlin is an app that displays schedules and departures for several Swiss locations. It’s a white-label product and it has several other customisations, apart from the Wemlin app. It was started in 2009, and it’s still active on the App Store. It’s using Objective-C and UIKit. We have also developed an Apple Watch app, just in time for the first generation of Apple Watches.

Download it on the App Store.

Dev tools and frameworks

Apart from the apps, I was in charge for the internal frameworks that are used at Netcetera. One of them is Girders Swift, which is open sourced. I’ve also created and maintained our internal build system at some point, which were Ruby scripts (similar to Fastlane), that ran tests, computed coverage, deployed artifacts in our internal repositories, as well as performing static code analysis (Sonar). Later on, we’ve switched to Fastlane.

Other honourable mentions

Apart from the listed apps, I was working on several others, whose names are either confidential or not active anymore. Those include:

  • Indoor navigation app for the train station in Luzern.
  • Festival apps SDK and white labeled app, that included top-up of festival cards with cash, viewing events and artists, social media integration.
  • News app that displayed VR videos.
  • Shopping List app with voice commands.
  • App for delivering parcels.
  • Prevention app for a popular Swiss insurance provider.