iOS Conferences in 2018

2018 has arrived and there are already a lot of great iOS conferences scheduled. Usually, when looking for conferences, I was checking However, lately it seems it’s no longer maintained and there is not much info there. That’s why I’ve compiled a list by myself. As soon as there are new conferences announced, I […]

What every great iOS engineer needs to know (part 2)

Platform Knowledge In the first part we’ve covered what I believe are the required engineering skills to do a great job in software development. In this second part, we will talk about what platform specific knowledge is needed to be complete iOS Software engineer.

Algorithms in Swift

Let’s get back to college and the great Algorithms and Data Structures course. That’s one of the most fundamental Computer Science courses, which develops the analytical and problem solving skills of the students. Apart from that, it’s also very addictive and great for learning new programming languages and concepts. Recruiters also like to use them […]

Swift Class Diagrams and more

Introduction Documentation is one of the things that developers don’t like to do much – but it’s something very important not only for newcomers to the project, but also to the people who originaly have written that code. We tend to forget what’ve done two weeks ago, so it’s always good idea to write down […]

Reactive image downloading and caching with RXSwift

Introduction Downloading images from a URL is one of the most common things that mobile developers do. Most of the solutions have to also support image caching (both in memory and file based), so the same image is not downloaded everytime when is needed – because that’s wasteful and ineficient. Also, one of the challenges […]

Swift considerations and decisions

Introduction Swift is already 3 years old, but still changing and improving a lot. Its unique features are starting to change the developers’ mindset, moving away from the old Objective-C concepts to some new ways of thinking with value types, protocols, generics, immutability. It’s a pitty and a lot of unlocked potential if you decide […]

JSON Parsing in Swift with Generics

Introduction Most of the time, the mobile apps are calling REST services to get and display the latest data to their users. We’ve already covered the networking part – making requests to the server and getting response. After we get the response, we need to check its Content-Type, and based on that, parse the data […]