Reactive image downloading and caching with RXSwift

Introduction Downloading images from a URL is one of the most common things that mobile developers do. Most of the solutions have to also support image caching (both in memory and file based), so the same image is not downloaded everytime when is needed – because that’s wasteful and ineficient. Also, one of the challenges […]

Networking in Swift

Introduction Connecting the mobile apps with a REST service is almost inevitable in every project – apps would be useless and boring if they don’t get the latest data from the servers. There are a lot of great frameworks that do this for iOS, like AFNetworking and its Swift counterpart AlamoFire, Moya, APIKit and many […]

Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming and Table Views

Introduction In the last few years, there has been a lot of talking at conferences, blog posts and tutorials about this awesome different approach to programming – Functional Reactive Programming (FRP). Facebook uses it as a way to handle the countless different news posts appearing on their mobile apps feeds without making large unmaintainable codebase […]