Protocol-oriented maps on iOS

Introduction Maps are used in many mobile apps. That’s mainly because of the nature of the mobile user experience – users expect to easily find what’s happening around them. For us, the iOS developers, there are few options to provide maps for the apps running on Apple devices. The most notable are Apple’s MapKit, Google […]

Swift considerations and decisions

Introduction Swift is already 3 years old, but still changing and improving a lot. Its unique features are starting to change the developers’ mindset, moving away from the old Objective-C concepts to some new ways of thinking with value types, protocols, generics, immutability. It’s a pitty and a lot of unlocked potential if you decide […]

Networking in Swift

Introduction Connecting the mobile apps with a REST service is almost inevitable in every project – apps would be useless and boring if they don’t get the latest data from the servers. There are a lot of great frameworks that do this for iOS, like AFNetworking and its Swift counterpart AlamoFire, Moya, APIKit and many […]