What every great iOS engineer needs to know (part 2)

Platform Knowledge In the first part we’ve covered what I believe are the required engineering skills to do a great job in software development. In this second part, we will talk about what platform specific knowledge is needed to be complete iOS Software engineer.

JSON Parsing in Swift with Generics

Introduction Most of the time, the mobile apps are calling REST services to get and display the latest data to their users. We’ve already covered the networking part – making requests to the server and getting response. After we get the response, we need to check its Content-Type, and based on that, parse the data […]

Networking in Swift

Introduction Connecting the mobile apps with a REST service is almost inevitable in every project – apps would be useless and boring if they don’t get the latest data from the servers. There are a lot of great frameworks that do this for iOS, like AFNetworking and its Swift counterpart AlamoFire, Moya, APIKit and many […]