Common iOS development mistakes

Introduction Developing iOS apps is fun and challenging. During this process, we sometimes make bad decisions and mistakes, that can have impact on the quality of the app (both technical and from the user’s perspective). Some of those pitfalls can cause crashes in our apps, making users angry. Others can make the maintenance of the […]

iOS Conferences in 2018

2018 has arrived and there are already a lot of great iOS conferences scheduled. Usually, when looking for conferences, I was checking However, lately it seems it’s no longer maintained and there is not much info there. That’s why I’ve compiled a list by myself. As soon as there are new conferences announced, I […]

Mobile databases on iOS

Introduction Apps are becoming more and more complex. Users expect great user experience, even without internet connection. An app that is not usable and treats offline as an error will not leave good impression. Internet connection is something that is not always and everywhere available. That’s why we have to save the most relevant user […]