Common iOS development mistakes

Introduction Developing iOS apps is fun and challenging. During this process, we sometimes make bad decisions and mistakes, that can have impact on the quality of the app (both technical and from the user’s perspective). Some of those pitfalls can cause crashes in our apps, making users angry. Others can make the maintenance of the […]

Writing a technical book

Recently, I’ve finished writing a technical book, called Developing Conversational Interfaces for iOS, which will be published by Apress early next year. Writing a book is a very different experience than writing code or blogging. That’s why in this post I will share my impressions from that interesting journey. I hope other developers who want […]

Developing for Samsung Gear VR

Introduction Virtual Reality might be the next big thing. All of the big tech companies are starting to invest in this industry, so things will surely get even more interesting in the future. Currently, virtual reality is mostly smartphone based, with additions like Google Cardboards and Samsung Gear VR currently the most popular ones. The […]