Building voice responsive AR apps

Introduction Augmented Reality and Conversational Interfaces are two of the hottest technologies at the moment. They both bring a broad range of opportunities to make cool and innovative apps. The question is, what happens if we combine these two emerging technologies? The answer – we get one really smart pony.

Creating 3D models for AR with photogrammetry

Introduction One of the challenges with AR is definitely the creation of 3D model representations of the real objects. This is needed in order for us to be able to present these objects virtually in the user’s context, before they buy it. Whether that’s furniture, paintings, household items or something else, there are several challenges […]

Driving cars with ARKit

Introduction With augmented reality, you can drive any car you want. In this post, we will drive Audi Q7, using horizontal plane detection. This will give more natural effect of driving the car on the floor, instead of floating it around. For simplicity, the car will have only one speed, one meter for one second.

Flying sharks with ARKit

Introduction You’ve probably heard of¬†Sharknado, a movie with a very sound theme – flying sharks everywhere. In this post, we will try to accomplish something similar with ARKit, using the SceneKit editor in Xcode. As you will see, we will not need a lot of code to accomplish the effect of shark coming from the […]

ARKit image tracking with whisky bottles

Introduction One of the coolest features in ARKit 2 is image tracking. This lets you specify some references images to ARKit. When those images are recognized, you get the chance to display cool content, such as videos, sound or animations. This is perfect use-case for museums, product promotions and commercials. It can be also used […]

Trendy topics for 2018 and beyond

The previous year was very exciting in terms of technology. A lot of new concepts, tools and frameworks were introduced, laying the ground for software developers and entrepreneurs to introduce cool new innovative products in the following years. 2018 would be even more exciting, with lots of improvements in the already existing areas, that will […]

Augmented Reality on iOS with ARKit

Introduction One of the most exciting frameworks released with iOS 11 is ARKit. With ARKit you can incorporate 3D data and objects into the physical environment of the user. Moreover, objects can be interactive, offering a richer experience of the real world.¬† Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are not that new, however, with […]