iOSCon 2018

Conferences are a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with the fellow developers. The iOS community is pretty cool – there are a lot of fantastic people who are building apps and tools, but also share knowledge with everyone who wants to work as an iOS engineer.

I’m very excited to attend iOSCon 2018, where I will be speaking about Understanding language on iOS. In the talk, we will see approaches that can help us in tackling one of the most challenging tasks in computer science – understanding what the users are trying to say. The talk will cover technologies ranging from SiriKit, Dialogflow, and CoreML, up to doing it everything by yourself, using Apple’s NSLinguisticTagger. If these technologies are interesting for you and want to learn more about them, come and see my talk on 23rd March @ CodeNode in London. For even more details, you can also check my new book Developing Conversational Interfaces for iOS, published by Apress.

My talk will be useful to any iOS developer who wants to provide an additional, more accessible user interface to their apps – the human voice. Hopefully, it will also inspire you to think of fresh ideas on how to create new innovative solutions with chatbots and voice interfaces.

This year’s edition of iOSCon has really amazing speakers and I’m honoured to be in the lineup. The talks should be super interesting too. There will be talks for app architectures, animations, optimisations and a lot more.

There’s a lot going on in the mobile world and the tech industry in general, so these kinds of events are great way to catch-up with the cutting-edge technologies. See you at iOSCon 2018.


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